Kendrick Shadowsong

Former assassin on a mission of redemption


Dark & Brooding, Kendrick is always clad in black and conceals his face. He is armed with a razor sharp katana.


The mysterious elf assassin from the Southern Forests, Kendrick Shadowsong is somewhat of a dichotomy. Trained from infancy to be the perfect assassin, Kendrick became top killer of the “Dark Walkers” assassins’ guild. Not long ago, he discovered his birth parents were still alive. Kendrick tried to contact them when a rival assassins guild showed up to eliminate him. Instead his parents were slain, his mother’s last words are a mystery. All that is known is that Kendrick slew the entire unit of assassin’s sent to kill him and fled his homeland. Today he is a hunted man (by both his former guild and the rival guild). He’s found a home and family at Brasko’s who took him in when he had nowhere else to go.

Kendrick Shadowsong

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